Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thing 8: Social Media Management Tools

Hootsuite:  I don't use social media in my personal life as much as in my professional life, but I can see hoe this will help me organize my feeds for professional information.

Facebook:  I've used it for years--mostly to keep in contact with younger relatives and see pictures of their BABIES!!  I rarely post anything myself, but check it a few times a day for entertainment and news.  The reason I'm blogging on Facebook is that, as the new high school Student Council advisor, I now have a new use for FB.  Before school let out, I asked my students if I should email them over the summer, or if their was a better way to keep in contact. They told me they check their messages and FB every day--but not necessarily their email.  So--I created a new account using my school information, then created a Private Group for student council.  A great use of social media to correspond with students without giving them access to any of my personal information.

I also use Twitter to follow a few tech ed professionals, so using Hootsuite to manage this type of content is valuable.

Google+  I am in a few groups with work people.

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