Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thing 11: Library & Reference


 I have a link to elm4you.org on my media center page, as well as links to the most frequently used databases.  Having the students bookmark the site on their iPad is a great idea.  I ALS forget to tell them they can search for videos in the databases.  Students want to go straight to YouTube, which is blocked at our school, and difficult to cite properly.  I also have them use Discovery Streaming. These other databases have a lot of videos, with citations and I will remember to direct students to them for History Day and other projects.

I also need to re-introduce teachers to the Research Project Calculator.  English teachers and some social studies teachers already have effective ways to teach research skills, but the RPC may be valuable to other teachers in helping them to organize research projects in their subject areas. 

We use ELM a lot in our school--but there is so much more that we could be doing.  I need to do a better job promoting these tools.  


As I expand the number of eBooks in my collection, I am also slowly getting teachers and our curriculum director on board with using multi-user licensed eBooks to supplement or even REPLACE traditional textbooks.  The MackinVIA app is on all student iPads, and I let my teachers know once a quarter or semester what books we have available in their subject area.  We use eBooks instead of a textbook in health, RTI US history, and I'm working on writing an economics class with a teacher using eBooks.  I really feel this is the wave of the future.  

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