Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thing 7: Content Saving & Sharing

Pinterest.  I've avoided it up until now because I was afraid it might be too addicting.  I can't really see using it professionally, but I've started two "Boards"--one for Healthy Recipes and one for Mother of the Groom dresses.  I think it is a fabulous idea for finding and sharing good information.  I am more likely to use it to store my own bookmarks--I spend so much time online for work that I'm not a huge fan of social networking--it's more something I need to keep up with so I know what the kids are doing.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thing 2: What's new in iOS 7?

The first valuable tip in this Thing:  Kill Airdrop to save battery.  The Control Center is great--I use it daily to adjust my music volume, I love the access to the flashlight and airdrop.  The new camera features are great as well--easy access and some simple filters have made it my main camera.  

Overall, iOS 7 has been a very positive software update.

Thing 6: Creating & Editing Docs

SignNow is a cool App that allows you to add text and/or signature to documents that you access through Photos, eMail, Dropbox, or you can take a photo of a doc with the camera.  This App coulold be valuable in a school setting because you can post a document or send it to your students and the can write over it, sign it and send it back.  Another step in our quest to teach virtually paperless!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thing 5: Getting Organized

New favorite App!  Springpad!

I have plenty of Apps to organize my work world--this one I'll use to organize my personal life. Recipes--I'm addicted to finding low-fat recipes.
Books--keep track of the ones I want to read.
Quick Notes--I good place for a Daily Journal, which I keep meaning to start.

I'm going to love this one!

Thing 4: Keeping Up

I've used Zite in the past--an awesome App that creates a magazine of only stories that you like. If you give a story a thumbs up, Zite will find more stories like it.  If you give it a thumbs down, no more stories like that.  Problem one:  after three months or so, I was only reading opinions that I agree with--not getting any other point of view.  Problem two:  it is addicting--I was reading online material to he exclusion of novels.  This is not good practice for a high school librarian! 

I've downloaded Flip and added some content--including Twitter and Facebook. It seems to be more of just a place to organize info that you would access anyway..  

Thing 3: Utilities

Free Wifi.  Very cool App for traveling, if you want to know which motels and/or restaurants have free wifi.  Want to have a working lunch?  This App will tell you where to go!