Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thing 23: Evaluate

First of all, thanks again for extending the due date.  The end of the year in my job is insanely busy and I just couldn't keep up.  

This program was organized so well--and the exploring + blogging model for staff development is great.  I may even imitate it for my staff--if I have time :)

Even though I've had a few years of experience with the iPad in an educational environment, I learned some new things and was reminded of others that I've been meaning to implement.

Thanks again!

Thing 22: Discovering Apps

I've done a lot of searching for Apps for my teachers, and have been alerted through yo daily Diigo Updates when Apps are free.  However,mi often don't have time to wade through all of that information. It will be nice to be alerted when a paid App goes free with Apps Gone Fee.  

I love my Reminders App, but am willing to try Pocket Lists which has gone free.

Thing 21: Free-for-All


Probably the best "real life" App we have on our student iPads and one that I use personally.  Teaching students early on to track their calories and nutrition as well as physical activity will help them live a healthy lifestyle even after they leave high school.  I find this App invaluable in tracking my health.

Thing 20: Game

I refuse to try Candy Crush Saga or Bubble Mania.  Too addicting and I know people who have wasted many hours playing them. 

Word Collapse:  

I like word games--this one is pretty easy to start. As you get to higher levels, it is a challenge to figure out which order the words need to be swiped in.  I know kids like games ---sometime the addicting ones that don't take much skill.  I'd rather read a book :) although I do like Solitaire.

Thing 19: Hobbies

Spark Recipes

I love(d) cookbooks and finding good, healthy recipes.  I've had great luck with this App which has user uploaded recipes which include nutritional information and ratings.  You are able to search by ingredients, so it's kind of fun to type in a couple of things you have in the fridge and pantry and see what pops up.  I can also "Favorite" my recipes so I can find them again.  I haven't used any of my MANY cookbooks since getting this App.

Thing 18: Education

Khan Academy!  Thanks for reminding me!  I browsed around a bit in the a Economics lessons available in this App and will be able to use them in the course I'm helping to write.  We're putting the course online on Moodle and these videos will supplement the eBooks readings nicely.  I know that our math and science teachers use this App as well.

Thing 17: Connecting with Community

I couldn't find the Mpls Skyway App or the Explore MN App.  I use the Explore MN website all the time and it works pretty well on my iPhone.   That's a good lesson in how quickly Apps can come and go!  The Going Out App sponsored by the Star Trib.  This App looks good for planning a weekend in Mpls. I can see using this one.